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The question is whether Poland until the end of the year get a derogation from the decision of the EU Council. There is a high probability that this decision will not be. It would allow for the continuation of restrictions on the right to deduct VAT, both on the acquisition and leasing of cars and fuel – says Information Agency Newseria Jerzy Martini, a partner in the Office and Martini Wspólnicy.Polska proposes that in force in the period from 1 January 2014. To December 31, 2018 r.Derogacja concerns the restriction of the right to deduct (up to 50 per cent.) of the amount of input tax in respect of the acquisition (including intra) motor vehicles, manufacture and import of motor vehicles, the purchase of services in accordance with the lease agreement, lease and other agreements similar charakterze.Ograniczenie would apply only to vehicles used both for private and for business activity, and would not cover those used solely for służbowych.Derogacja would include a partial limit – up to 50 percent. – the right to deduct VAT on the purchase of fuel for vehicles covered by the derogation and other expenses eksploatacyjnych.Skutki no decision is taken by the EU by the end of 2013. – If there is no decision of the authorities of the EU ws. The request of the Polish government, the Polish will not be able to continue restrictions on the right to deduct that we have now and it will be beneficial to taxpayers. If you do not receive it by the end of the year, it actually returns “grid” that is, for each car, which is considered Cargo, it will have the full right to deduct both the acquisition of car leasing, as well as the acquisition of fuel for the car – explains Jerzy Martini.Natomiast for vehicles other than trucks (including “boxes”) from January 1st 2014 when they purchase will be deducted 60 percent. the amount of tax specified in the invoice, but not more than 6000 zł.

In the case of vehicles in use, among others, as part of the lease agreement, the taxpayer will be able to deduct 60 per cent. the invoice documenting the leasing rate, no more than 6000 zł the entire period of use, and in the case of acquisition of fuel for these cars deduction will not be at all przysługiwać.Rząd filed an application for a derogation in June., to examine officials have eight months. – Informal information suggests that the procedure for examination of the application is still in its infancy. It can be assumed that in October or November issue starts to gain momentum. The Commission is only the first step, it issues an opinion and forward to the Council. Only the EU Council issues a decision, so it is very unlikely that the end of the whole process has been completed. Remember, too, that the changes should “pass” legislative path in the Sejm. The amending the relevant law would have to be passed by the end of the year, and the probability that this happens is quite dim – sums up George Martini. In June, the government proposed that the minimum wage in 2018 amounted to 2080 zł gross.

This meant an increase of 80 zł in respect of 2017. At the same time the Council of Ministers has proposed that the minimum hourly wage in 2018. Amounted to 13.50 zł gross, or about 50 cents more than obecnie.Ostatecznie although there were no agreements with the trade union and employers’ representatives in the Council for Social Dialogue. Regulation published today in the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, says: “In no statutory deadline was agreed amount of the minimum wage and the minimum hourly rate for certain civil contracts in 2018. In the Council for Social Dialogue. Therefore, in accordance with Article.

2 paragraphs. 5 of the Act, the government is committed to establish the above. height, by regulation, the deadline of September 15th. “See also: The great boom payroll becomes a fact. Waiting for us even double-digit increases »The Ministry proposes that the minimum wage in 2018 amounted to 2100 zł gross hourly wage and the minimum 13,70 zł gross. Wage higher than the mandatory minimum minimumZgodnie the law of the minimum wage increase should amount to 49 zł 30 gr and in the case of hourly rate. As we read in the impact assessment, “given the situation on the labor market, optimistic forecasts of economic growth and the level of macroeconomic indicators, proposes to increase the minimum wage for 2018. To the amount of 2100 zł, an increase compared to the rate applicable in the current year of 5 percent. and the relation to the forecast for 2018. the average wage in the national economy at the level of 47.3 per cent. “. The effects of raising the wage minimalnejNa raising the minimum wage will gain approx. 1.4 million employees receiving remuneration at the rate applicable for 2017 wage minimalnej.Jednocześnie, MRPiPS estimated as approx.

1.9 million businesses (including approx. 1.8 million micro-enterprises) will increase the total labor costs. With regard to the minimum wage is determined as the amount of remuneration (including clergy and convicted) contributions and benefits. The Ministry has estimated that in this respect to the state budget in 2018 will affect less by about 164 million zł. In turn, increase the hourly loss is a budget of approx. 6 million zł.

From the calculations of the Ministry also shows that raising the minimum wage means a negative impact on the competitiveness of the economy and enterprise, including the functioning of entrepreneurs. In 2018 years large companies lose 374 million zł, and SMEs more than 1.3 billion zł. They will lose the public institutions that the increase will spend 501 million zł. The situation of families, in turn, will improve by more than 1.1 billion zł. PracyMinisterstwo impact on the market predicts two possible scenarios on the impact of unemployment on the labor market. On the one hand in the Regulatory Impact Assessment states: “Based on the analysis of trends in the Polish labor market it can be said that the amount of the minimum wage in Poland does not adversely affect the demand for labor.

The current Polish economic situation allows balanced raising the minimum wage, commensurate with economic growth, labor productivity growth and declining unemployment. ” On the other, however, it may turn out that “some of the people that have not worked may experience difficulties in finding employment, and in relation to the working people can be difficult to maintain that employment. GAS NOW Offer is addressed to small and medium-sized enterprises, consuming natural gas for business purposes gospodarczej.- Extending our offer with the product NOW GAZ is a response to market needs, targeted primarily to business customers using for production of heating and natural gas. With the extension of the offer, we can provide a comprehensive service provider of both services – electricity and gas – said Janusz Moroz, Member of the Board. Trade RWE Polska.Firma provides companies that decide to purchase natural gas at a fixed price per MWh during the entire contract. Depending on your needs, customer can sign a short-term or long-term – a minimum period of conclusion of the contract is 12 months. The new product offers a reduction in price and subscription fee in relation to the previous sprzedawcy.zobacz PGNiG discovered the deposit of oil and natural gas in Norway »In the mining sector was bad, now it is almost tragically» Gaz-System: The new arises a new gas connection between the Polish and Lithuania »Gaz-System starts design work for the Poland-Lithuania» What’s important business clients from the SME segment will get a more flexible solution in the regulation of payment for invoices, ie no need for advance payments every month and 21 day payment terms faktur.- After the start of sales clients from the SME sector will work on its development in the segments of households.

Offer RWE is selling dual fuel – we follow it to existing customers both in Warsaw and beyond. As a result, customers will receive delivery of both gas and electricity from one supplier, ie., RWE Poland – informs Margaret Eull with RWE Poland. In 2010, the insured applied for a survivor’s pension after her deceased husband. On this basis, the Social Insurance Institution has suspended the payment of her pension entitlement. The appeal of this decision woman demanded payment of the two benefits, or both retirement and disability pension after the death of her husband.

ZUS turned to the court of first instance to dismiss the appeal. During the investigation it was established that interested before the death of her husband for seven years had charged their own retirement. ZUS has suspended payment of this benefit after the deposit of the application for an insured annuity rodzinnej.Sąd Instance stated that, in accordance with Article. 95 paragraph. 1 of the Act of 17 December 1998. On pensions from the Social Insurance Fund (Journal of Laws of 2009 no. 153, item.

1227, as amended. D.), In the case of coincidence in one person the right to several benefits provided in the Act shall be paid one (higher or selected by an authorized). In practice, therefore, the person concerned shall have the right to choose. If, however, does not exercise this power, it continues to pay higher social insurance benefits. Due to the fact that in this particular case, the survivor’s pension was higher than a pension, paid the first plant. The court pointed out, however, that there is no legal basis to meet the demands of wnioskodawczyni.zobacz the Premier against changes in the arrangements for the payment of survivors’ pensions »When ZUS will pay a survivor’s pension for the period prior to the application» insured appealed against the judgment unfavorable to them. The Court of Appeal ruled, however, that there is no reason to pay her both a survivor’s pension, and retirement.

It disregarded the fact that the insurance systems in force in other European Union countries apply the legal solutions enabling double wypłaty.W result, the insured filed a cassation to the Supreme Court (SN). She stressed her that although the insured paid contributions impeding current income families, it now receives a survivor’s pension on the same basis as those who have never worked and would discharge debts to ZUS. In her opinion, it is against the konstytucją.SN dismissed the complaint, however, the insured, recognizing that it has no basis. It is impossible in this case to talk about discrimination against people who remained married, worked and have paid insurance premiums, and now charge a survivor’s pension as those who have never been employed. The Supreme Court pointed out that in this case no breach of the principle równości.ORZECZNICTWOWyrok Supreme Court of 4 April 2012., Ref. Act I UK 390/11 This prestigious list is considered by industry experts to be the most factual and objective illustration of the condition of the transport market, freight forwarding and logistics in Poland.

It is created under the supervision of the School of Economics in Warsaw, represented by prof. dr. Halina Brdulak. Ranking, the aim of which is primarily a description of the strengths and weaknesses of the industry, is also an opportunity to present among the largest entities in the country. Participation in it because they take the company, which in 2018. Received income from core operations TSL at least 2 million zł, and it represented no less than 51 percent. the value of their total revenues.

In terms of revenues from 2018 TSL. First place went to the Raben Group, who also took the leading position in the category of declared income from core business – services logistyczne.- I am very pleased that we have been the winner. I would add that this year we will try to repeat the success. We observe the market closely to respond quickly to their needs. The challenge is especially access to employees. Therefore, we focus on process automation – explains Krzysztof Hajduk, sales director of Raben Logistics Polska.W category revenue growth of activity has been the company TSL leader Abacus Logistics.

In addition, the winners of the five still in additional categories. The first was the value of revenue from the declared main activity – transport. Here was the leader of company Gefco Poland. In the category of declared income from core business – forwarding the road the first place was taken by the Group Pekaes, and sea freight – has proved to be a leader Hegelmann Worldwide Logistics Poland. – I am very pleased that we won the first place. For us, participation in this ranking is also the opportunity to explore our competitors, what is happening in the industry – selects Beata Mańkowska, Director., And marketing of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Polska.Za declared value of revenues from the main activity – air freight forwarding company Panalpina awarded . The last category, which was selected the best company, this was linked to the value of the declared revenue from core business – storage services.

Prizes were awarded DHL Supply Chain and Logistics ID. Awards handed on June 12 in Warsaw. Get the details:©℗ with only YetiPay: 13.90 zł- Akredytacje- uczelni- Top Rankings directions and uczelnie- National Framework Kwalifikacji- Help materialna- trips during studiów- Study granicą- work during their studies and after ukończeniu- Foreign diplomas Praebeo and Auto Rentier tempt potential customers with high earnings, but the contracts are designed so that many people can lose money. He claims that the President of the OCCP, who made the first of four complaints and two entities – the other. At the same time, officials decided to notify the National Public Prosecutor’s Office about the possibility of committing przestępstwa.zobacz also Frankowiczu, watch out for unfair compensation offices. OCCP has them under a magnifying glass “- We suspect that Praebeo and Auto Rentier use unfair practices.

We want to warn consumers not to let themselves be tempted by promises of quick and easy profit. Companies promise that will pay off the loan taken out by the customer, but now we have signs that Praebeo after some time ceases to transfer money to the bank. Meanwhile, the whole risk on the consumer and that it will be debt – says Marek Niechciał, President of the OCCP. Officials describe the mechanism of action of entrepreneurs. It consists in the fact that the customer buys from Praebeo or Auto Rentier car for approx. 70 thousand. zł. Mostly on credit, the costs of which date back additional 30-40 thousand. zł.

The Company undertakes that for a maximum of 8 years will be to hire a vehicle. The rent is to be used for repayment of the loan the client, which in addition it has yet to get 600 zł per month (the company advertises it as a “program of 600 plus”). The company takes care of all the formalities. It happens so that the customer does not even know what a car buying. After all, no purchase is made in order to drive a car, but to make money on it.

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